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Did you know a Super Bowl-bound football team has a lot in common with a successful IT team? In both instances you need drive, passion, coaches and managers who inspire and lead, sideline coaches who keep individuals focused on the immediate task, and training regimens built to give each player skills, practice, and tools needed to do their job and do it well.

Explore this playbook guide for tips on how an Experts Exchange Team Account membership gives you the tools to propel your department toward winning the big game. You'll learn about:

  • Training and certifications
  • Continuing Education
  • Offensive Plays
  • Defensive Plays
  • Opportunities for advancement

  • Who is Experts Exchange?

    We’re the online platform sysadmins, developers, tech users, and many more turn to when they have questions to ask, problems to solve, or advice to share. And for good reason. We’ve gathered the world’s top tech professionals in one place. Together, we build solutions to the toughest problems.

    You can collaborate with top professionals from all over the world, receive 1:1 help, and continue your tech education on topics that matter.


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    What Does a Team Account Offer?

    1:1 Mentorship

    Connect with tech professionals online for instant, 1:1 help with your team’s biggest tech problems.

    Resources You Need

    Expand your team’s skill set and knowledge base with training, online learning, and certifications.

    Privacy and Security

    Set and change privacy settings on each question to protect company data.

    Personalized Tech Help

    Experts Exchange can contact available experts on your behalf to get questions solved fast.

    Why should you get a Team Account? Because you need tech help now.

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