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Leads Not Hitting the Mark?

Advertising to a tech audience isn't always easy. They're notorious for disliking companies who over-contact and over-sell, making it difficult to properly market your products and services. It takes a combination of the right medium, the right location, and the right message to truly make an impact. And despite what some of our competitors say, not all communities are the same.

At Experts Exchange, our bespoke advertising campaigns offer vendors like you unique access and insight to our more than 7M+ monthly visitors. With more than 20 years of community data in our back pockets, we come to the table armed with significant knowledge and experience on how to effectively reach this crowd.

Ready to devise a campaign strategy built to maximize brand awareness and deliver real results? Download this infographic to learn how Experts Exchange’s Vendor Product Suite can help you reach your target audience today!

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Reach Your Target Audience

Use highly segmented & personalized campaigns to reach your exact tech audience.


Users with purchasing power


Newsletter subscribers


Segmented tech topics

"We are grateful to communities like Experts Exchange to help us connect with our customers.”

Microsoft Program Manager


Build Brand Awareness & Generate Leads


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In Addition to

Sponsored Emails

Land directly in the inboxes of our qualified subscribers. They are opted-in and eager to see the latest information on various technologies and solutions.

Joint Webinar

Showcase your brand as an industry authority by co-hosting one of our webinars. Segment by topic to reach a perfectly targeted audience.

Newsletter Placement

Be featured in our monthly newsletter alongside our most newsworthy content.

Display Advertising

Give your brand highly targeted exposure with leaderboard and banner display ads served to our monthly unique visitors.

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