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Database Backup and Recovery


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Database Backup and Recovery Best Practices (with a focus on MySQL®)

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As hybrid data centers become the new normal, production environments are a blend of in-house and external data centers, public and private clouds from various providers, and siloed legacy systems.

This complex service delivery chain creates multiple points of potential failure, making it harder to recover if disaster strikes.

Disaster recovery planning isn't a one-and-done exercise—you need to define, document, and test your recovery process to keep pace with IT and business change. You need a fully-functional copy of your environment on hand to recover applications, data, and workloads after a disruptive event—not just the servers they run on.

But amid competing priorities, finding the time, resources, or expertise needed for disaster recovery and business continuity planning tends to take a back seat...until the unthinkable happens.

In the case of a failure, do you know how long it will take to restore your database? Do you know how old the backup will be? In this webinar, Percona will cover the basic best practices for backup, restoration, and business continuity. Don’t put your company on the line due to bad data retention and backup policies.

Percona is the only company that delivers enterprise-class support, consulting, managed services, and software for MySQL®, MariaDB®, MongoDB® and other open source databases across on-premise and cloud-based platforms. Percona optimizes databases to maximize application performance. Our global experts are available 24x7x365, and have worked with over 3,000 clients worldwide—including the largest technology companies.


Manjot Singh

Data and Infrastructure Architect, Percona

Manjot Singh is an architect with Percona in California. He loves to learn about new technologies and apply them to real world problems. Singh is a veteran of startup and Fortune 500 enterprise companies alike with a few years spent in government, education, and hospital IT. He now consults for Percona with companies around the world on many interesting tech problems.


Emily Ikuta

Digital Marketing Manager, Percona

Emily Ikuta is an accomplished senior marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience and distinguished performance within various industries, such as B2B Software, B2C software, SaaS, Technology, Fashion, Ecommerce, Cloud and Hardware.