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Take control and stay focused in noisy open office environments with the MB 660. By reducing background noise, you can revitalize your office and improve concentration.

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We all face distractions at work.

High level of background noise often makes it difficult for employees to concentrate fully on their jobs – or to communicate clearly on calls. The MB 660 headset provides your employess with adaptive noise adjustment. The more noise in the office, the harder it works. Sennheiser headsets help you create disruption free workspace making it possible for your employees to perform more effectively in noisy office environments.

Features on the MB 660 inlcude:

  • NoiseGard™ hybrid adaptive ANC - this technology seamlessly adjusts the level of noise reduction in your headset. 
  • UC certified business-grade communication - The MB 660 wireless and wired solution in one deliver a certified, business-grade communication experience, whichever your UC environment might be.
  • Sennheiser signature sound - Create your own sound with a choice of sound effect modes, to get the best personalized sound for speech, music and entertainment.
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Employees at Oticon tried out the MB 660 headset in their open office.

 Here's what they have to say!

Peter Møgeltoft

Software Developer

"It’s the only headset I need. It solves the problems I had with Skype meetings and noise in the environment - and I can also listen to music while working."

Peter Zahgraff

IT Project Manager

“People around me are often on calls. That made it hard for me to concentrate on my own call. With this new headset, I’m much more efficient.”

Leon Castro Lagunas

Business Relationship Manager IT

“I think we underestimate how fatiguing it is to try and ignore competing noises while focusing on your job. Now I can use my efforts on the task in hand and don’t have to spend energy filtering out disturbances. I think that’s what made the biggest impression on me.”