Improve Your Coursework and Build Your Resume at the Same Time.

Come by and learn more about this unique opportunity for technology students at Cal Poly on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, in Building 26, Room 126.

As a Cal Poly student, you can join Experts Exchange, the world's top online technology community, for free. Membership includes unlimited access to thousands of how-to articles, 5-minute video tutorials, and millions of verified real-world solutions to complex technology problems - resources that will help you improve your skills. And with an opportunity to contribute, you can build a hands-on profile that any employer will be proud of.

How Does Experts Exchange Work?

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Get help from real experts.

With Experts Exchange, you get direct access to top technology professionals around the world. You can work with these experts on your toughest technical issues, to create your best work. Plus, the global network is always awake. So whatever your problem is, and whenever you have it, someone is always there to help.

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Learn technology skills quicker.

Your education extends beyond the classroom. With thousands of how-to articles and video tutorials, we can help you continue learning outside the classroom. With Experts Exchange, you'll have the tools you need to take your skills to the next level.

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Get the career you want.

Contribute to the network to earn certifications in specific technologies to build your reputation while in school. Join groups that align with your top tech interests, career ambitions, and more. And then put it all together in an online profile to help you find permanent or even short-term work. Join our network of global technology professionals, and start building your future career, today.

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Join Experts Exchange today for free.

A free student membership includes unlimited access to thousands of how-to articles, 5-minute video tutorials, and millions of verified real-world technology solutions.

To receive your free membership, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to sign up for a Free Experts Exchange membership (limited) NOTE: Be sure to sign up with your university-supplied email address (.edu).
  2. Fill out this form to request to be upgraded to a student membership

We will follow-up in 48-hours or less with a confirmation that your unlimited-access account has been granted. It's that simple.