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Cloud Killed The Firewall


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Cloud Security

Thursday November 16, 2017 10:00 A.M. PDT/1:00 P.M. EDT

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Cloud and DevOps changed everything.

Existing DMZ and network perimeter architectures are not built to properly secure the new cloud-connected applications now dominating the hybrid enterprise. Likewise, as both DevOps and the cloud drive faster application deployment, legacy DMZ architectures are simply too slow and complex to accommodate the highly agile cloud-connected enterprise.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why existing firewall and DMZ architectures are not suited for securing cloud applications 
  • How “Cloud-Aware” security policy can secure your cloud-connected applications 
  • How to make your enterprise “Cloud Ready”, and fix your aging DMZ architecture 
  • How to transform your enterprise and become a Cloud Enabler

Skyport delivers the industry’s first inherently secure, hyperconverged platform that simplifies IT infrastructure by converging compute, virtualization, networking, and storage onto a single platform without sacrificing security or performance. Our cloud managed, on-prem solution provides more control and flexibility, saving time and resources with streamlined and automated operations, putting the power of the infrastructure in the hands of the application owner.

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Michael Beesley

Chief Technology Officer, Skyport Systems

Michael Beesley has led several routing and switching product lines, which grew to become billion-dollar annual revenue products at both Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems. Beesley joined Cisco Systems through their acquisition of BCN Networks, where he was the Founder and CEO. He then joined Juniper Networks where he most recently was the CTO of the Infrastructure Products Group. Beesley holds degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Engineering from Trinity College in Dublin.


Dan Backman

Director, Solutions Engineering & Technical Marketing, Skyport Systems

Dan Backman is the Director of Technical Marketing at Skyport, and is responsible for the technical and use-case messaging for the SkySecure Solution. With 20 years in enterprise and carrier data networking and network security services, Backman has been deeply involved in the evolution of network automation and software-defined networking technologies. Prior to Skyport, Backman held positions in Technical Marketing for Plexxi, and worked in Junos Product Management at Juniper Networks.