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Are you confident your business’ data and systems are secure? Join our beta program to learn how to get superior IT support without breaking the bank. You’ll get a free IT Health Check Report that grades your company’s IT systems. It's easy to understand and tells you how to secure your data. Get access to our community of IT experts for live, 24/7 support and a weekly Health Check Report, all for a low, annual cost.

How the Health Check Report Works

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Step 1: Get Your IT Grade

Use your weekly IT Health Check Report to easily understand if you’re protected, and what to do if you’re not.

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Ask our IT experts for help, get 1:1, 24/7 support, and access to how-to articles for guidance on fixing issues discovered in your Health Check Report.

Step 3: Solve Issues

Get alerts when updates are needed, and self-solve your IT issues with help from our community of IT experts.

Stay Secure
Monitor entry points outside your firewall with a Vulnerability Scan to make sure company data is safe from cyber threats.
Optimize Performance
Evaluate the validity of email servers and DNS, scan for ciphers, and review certificates for updates.
Determine Availability
Receive an availability audit to determine any levels of downtime within your system.
Easy Maintenance
Uncover any blacklist references and malicious uses of your site, including malware and phishing attempts, to maintain the integrity of your site.
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Experts Exchange is an online community for technology professionals that’s ready to help your small business with all things tech and IT. With unparalleled access to technology experts, how-to articles, and protocols, Experts Exchange helps you self-solve technology issues and automatically monitor the health of your network, data, and security. Experts Exchange gives small businesses peace of mind and is the affordable IT solution.

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